‘The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy Goes Off On Guests Desus And Mero Before Storming Out Of The Studio

Things got heated at Power 105.1’s studios in New York City when guests Desus Nice and The Kid Mero of podcast and Viceland fame came for an interview with The Breakfast Club. Apparently, co-host DJ Envy had some thoughts weighing on him and let it be known he wasn’t here for some of their recent shenanigans.

On a recent episode of Viceland’s Desus And Mero, the two rabble-rousing comedians made a snarky comment about DJ Envy and his wife Gia while watching a clip of the couple’s appearance on daytime talk show The Real. They insinuated that Gia was only with Envy for his money, citing the “DJ Envy check” as her reason for sticking with him.

However, according to Envy during today’s heated exchange, he and his wife felt that the comments were rude and out-of-pocket, prompting him to bark on his mystified-looking guests. The befuddled Desus and Mero apologized, despite Charlamagne‘s trollish goading, but DJ Envy was too hot to calm down, storming out of the session mid-interview and not returning.

Of course, the irreverent late-night hosts are already cracking wise on Twitter, shooting off behind-the-scenes tidbits and quickly-constrtucted memes.

Other popular hip-hop personalities got involved as well, with Rap Radar’s Ebro Darden tweeting “I’m calling Obama, @JoeBudden & @THEKIDMERO to organize a Lightskin N—a Summit to help heal the damage done to our brand by @djenvy emotions today…. ??? … who else should be on the panel?”

Strangely enough, there is some evidence that Envy planned his blowup in advance, with a Joey Budden podcast clip from a few weeks ago revealing that Envy had already contacted others in the New York hip-hop community to warn of the impending drama.

All the other parties involved seemed to be enjoying themselves and taking it all in stride, with even The Breakfast Club’s social media manager getting in on the memes. After the dust settles, we’ll see if Desus and Mero do block Envy from their Viceland show as they threatened during the argument and whether this affects Hot 97’s ability to continue booking guests for its controversial morning show. Considering how many times they’ve gotten into altercations with guests, the train has to run off the tracks eventually.