DJ Khaled Is So Excited For Asahd’s First Birthday Party He Hired P. Diddy To Plan It

10.17.17 2 years ago

Asahd Khaled has accomplished more in less than one year of life than many of us will manage for the next decade, so why shouldn’t he celebrate his first birthday in style? According to his dad, DJ Khaled, that’s exactly what’s going to happen if he and party planner extraordinaire P. Diddy have anything to say about it.

During Khaled’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s special Brooklyn-themed set, the host asked him about his plans for his executive producing son’s first birthday celebration. In typical DJ Khaled fashion, the Grateful producer gushed about his son being his biggest blessing and revealed that “I just got off the phone with Puff Daddy because we throwing the biggest birthday party for Asahd. It’s gonna be big. You know, if it’s a big party, Puff Daddy gotta be involved. So me and Puff were talking, and we’re gone do something big for Asahd.”

When Kimmel asked if Asahd wouldn’t normally prefer a bounce house or just a day off of the father-son duo’s super busy schedule, Khaled did approve the time off but played coy about the presence of a bounce house at the party. Fellow guest Amy Schumer suggested that Diddy could give Asahd Ciroc as a gift, which Khaled didn’t seem so enthused about but he did seem to really appreciate Kimmel’s gift: a bedazzled, giant “major key” to decorate Asahd’s room.

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