DJ Khaled And Justin Bieber Wild Out In A Giant Mansion In The ‘I’m The One’ Video

How many stars does DJ Khaled need in his new music video? Another one. And another one. And another one after that. Today, the Miami mogul dropped his star-studded new visual for his single “I’m The One,” and it comes packed with some truly impressive guest spots. Chance The Rapper shows up. So does Justin Bieber, and Lil Wayne, and Quavo from the Migos.

As you might expect from someone who once used a picture of himself sitting on a throne next to a lion for his album cover, the new visuals are totally opulent, finding all five stars galavanting around a glitzy mansion with scantily clad women all around. Chance rocks out in an over-the top burnt orange hoodie with a pair of horses on the front. Bieber goes shirtless with a red bandana. At one point they all dance around in a hedge maze. It’s great. Adorably, the video opens with a slow pan-in on his upcoming record’s executive producer, Khaled’s own, less-than-one-year-old son.

Khaled first teased the video on Instagram back in February. “More history is being made FAN LUV I PROMISE YOU IM GOING ALL OUT ON MY 10th studio album #GRATEFUL !!” he wrote.

You can watch the video for “I’m The One” above.