DJDS And Khalid’s New Dance-Pop Single ‘Why Don’t You Come On’ Is Infectiously Catchy

Premiered just now on Beats1 as Zane Lowe’s World Record, electronic duo DJDS’ “Why Don’t You Come On” enlists teen sensation Khalid and Empress Of for a catchy pop-dance number that will be hard to stop humming after it’s done. DJDS produced the song “Another Sad Love Song” on Khalid’s debut album, American Teen.

Khalid won Best New Artist at MTV’s Video Music Awards this past weekend, capping off a successful summer that saw the El Paso, TX native completely smash attendance records at Santa Monica Pier’s Twilight Concert Series, blow up all over late night TV, drop a stellar music video for “Young, Dumb, And Broke,” and perform not just once, but twice at the VMAs. The kid’s star is on the rise and showing no signs of burning out yet.

On “Why Don’t You Come On” DJDS says, “We had a rough idea for this song for a long time, but it didn’t really go anywhere until we met Empress Of and she started writing to it. We can’t say it enough, Lorely really gave this song life. It wasn’t going anywhere without her. We were also working on Khalid’s album at the time, so we played it for him and he decided he wanted to get on it too. He cut his part and it sounded amazing to us. Right now we’re trying to make music and collaborations exist that we’ve always wanted to hear, and it was a dream to put these two together. Happy it worked.”

Listen to “Why Don’t You Come On” above.

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