Documentary: Litefeet

FACT TV presents Litefeet: Sound of the Subway, a documentary on the music of the New York underground.

Like footwork and Baltimore club, litefeet is both a genre of music and a style of dance: 100-BPM tracks that soundtrack an acrobatic take on b-boying and popping that has found a home in the New York subways. Despite police cracking down on the scene, its music continues to flourish, finding fans in the likes of Mixpak and Sinjin Hawke, while the dancers have been on America’s Got Talent and worked with brands like Nike.

Litefeet speaks to elders of the scene such as Chrybaby, as well as its key producers (like Hann) and dancers (Kid the Wiz, Waffle), to find out about the genre’s history, its on-going battle with the police and more. For a Q&A with the directors and more, head HERE.