After Donald Glover Thanked Migos For Making ‘Bad And Boujee,’ The Internet Joined In

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Donald Glover’s stunning sitcom Atlanta proved once and for all that he’s a triple threat. That was cemented tonight when he picked up the Golden Globe for Best Television Series — Musical or Comedy, and went onstage to issue his usual humble speech of gratitude for everyone who watched the show and for honoring it.

But, because he’s Donald Glover, he had one special amendment to the list of usual suspects — he thanked local Atlanta rap trio Migos, not for anything related to the show, but for the creation of “Bad And Boujee.” Honestly, considering how prevalent “raindrop / drop top” has been in my entire Twitter feed the last couple months, he has a point. Though I do have one quibble, which is over the spelling of “boujee” — now accepted as the standard — due to the popularity of the song.

Anyway, a lot of people in the room probably had no idea what Glover was talking about, which, of course, is what makes the shout out way better. And the internet had plenty to add to Glover’s somewhat random pronouncement of greatness upon the track.