A Donald Glover And Young Thug Collaboration May Be In The Works


Five years ago, Donald Glover didn’t even seem to exist in the same universe as Young Thug. Glover had just released Because The Internet as he left Community to create what became his hit FX show Atlanta — his latest bid to be taken seriously as a polyglot. Meanwhile, Thugger confounded rap radio listeners with his manic delivery in “Danny Glover,” the breakout hit that cemented his reputation as Atlanta’s next big rap weirdo. Fortunately, these two have finally crossed paths. Over the weekend, Young Thug posted the above photo of him and Glover with a cryptic caption: “Watch this…”

Coming from these two, that can mean absolutely anything. When Glover isn’t setting the record straight on how FX nixed his animated Deadpool series, he is readying his farewell tour as Childish Gambino while impressing critics and fans alike with Atlanta‘s return to TV. (This second season has yet to feature any musical artists as guest stars. Could Young Thug soon be one of them?) Young Thug has previously said that he wouldn’t release any new music this year in solidarity with his deaf brother. Yet just a few weeks ago, A-Trak featured him in “Ride For Me.” Thugger also contributed a new song, “Back Bone,” to the soundtrack for Cash Money documentary Before Anything, released last Friday. Listen to “Back Bone” below.