Here’s Donald Trump Calling Hillary Clinton ‘Nasty’ Over Janet Jackson’s Iconic Song

Say what you will, but the Internet remains undefeated when it comes to providing the jokes. And that’s great because this is precisely what visionary Al Gore had in mind when he single-handedly created the Internet when the very idea of the information superhighway sounded like crazy talk. This is exactly it. Not for silly communicating, but for corgis, memes and this very moment where we can mash up crass Donald Trump quotes with iconic Janet Jackson songs. We, my dear friends, are living in the future.

The sole purpose of the Internet was realized Wednesday night during the third and final presidential debates. Right in the middle of Hillary Clinton joking about Donald Trump’s sketchy past of not paying his taxes, the Republican presidential candidate interrupted Clinton’s Social Security expansion explanation and called her “such a nasty woman!”

The biting soundbite was every bit as jarring as all of his other sound bites, but the Internet is having a field day associating Trump’s “nasty” comment with Janet Jackson’s 30-year-old classic of the same name. Even mashing up Trump’s crass call out with Jackson’s song for a hilarious “Nasty” mashup.

If anything, this “nasty” controversy really just speaks to Janet Jackson’s monumental impact as an iconic superstar entertainer. Hopefully, the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame members are taking note and will finally induct Miss Jackson (because I’m nasty!) as part of the Hall’s 2017 class come December.