Taylor Swift Accidentally Stole The Show At Drake’s 30th Birthday Party

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Drake’s 30th birthday party in West Hollywood on October 23 had an unexpected focal point — Taylor Swift. Instead of focusing on Drake himself, what his cake may have looked like, or what he wore to his party, most of us have zeroed in on the fact that Taylor Swift deemed the party important enough to risk being in the same room as Katy Perry and John Mayer .

According to TMZ, Swift showed up with her whole squad in tow, including the Haim sisters and Paper Towns actress Halston Sage. Maybe that backup (or a desire to not make a scene at someone else’s party) kept Mayer and Perry from asking to many “Dear John” or “Bad Blood”-related questions.

Perry had previously not been shy when it came time to tell Swift about herself, but all reports claim she kept it under wraps. Swift, however, did not, and was possibly channeling her mortal enemy Kim Kardashian when it came to her outfit choice:

Also, “sources” claim that Drake and Taylor were flirting up a storm at his party. The plot thickens.

To bring the focus back to Drake real quick, Sade gave him an excellent birthday gift. The “Sweetest Taboo” act gifted Drake with a massive personalized copy of the cover art to their 2010 single “Babyfather.” On it, Sade Adu had written “The 24th of October 1986 was a good day… Shine on, Drake. Love Sade.” Drake posted the present to Instagram with the caption “Woke up to see the most beautiful woman ever in my house.” Check that out below: