Drake Bought His Neighbor’s House In California So He Can Be As Loud As He Wants

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Say what you will about Drake (and you could say quite a bit if you really wanted to), but homeboy is a man of his word. For instance, if his neighbors are causing him grief by complaining about the noise coming from his house, Drake will straight up by those neighbors’ house. Straight up! Drake made such a claim in “Where Ya At,” his collaboration with Future from DS2.

“I’ll buy the neighbors’ house if they complain about the noise.”

Drake wasn’t playing. Drake did just that.

According to Trulia, a real estate website, Drake recently dropped some easy money on the house next to his Hidden Hills, California crib, which he purchased in 2012 for $7.7 million (or 10067750 loonies, if you’re keeping score at home). His new purchase sounds perfect if Rihanna and her crew want to spend some time with Drake, but also want to keep it casual. The estate is 4,445 square feet with four bedrooms and five bathrooms and the always welcomed promise of endless privacy. All of that made the house a no-brainer purchase for Drake.

Of course, we don’t know exactly why Drake purchased the house. It could have been because of some beef with the neighbors or it could have been Drake heeding the advice of his money manager, who may have recently urged him to drop some of that Views money on the gift that keeps on giving: real estate.

Either way, if we all chip in, I’m sure we can get Aubrey something nice as a house-warming present. I have Venmo. Hit me up.

(Via Hypetrak)