In Drake’s Defense Against PETA, Canada Goose Seems To Follow Very Ethical Fur Standards

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When PETA sent their open letter — complete with vegan gift basket — to Drake after finding out he’s stopped eating meat via his recent Fortnite live stream, it seems they may have overlooked or ignored some details about his partnership with Canada Goose that undermine their arguments.

Canada Goose’s website has already addressed many of the claims PETA makes in their open letter (the full contents of which can be found here). Where PETA posits that Canada Goose uses unethical and inhumane methods in their coat production, Canada Goose already had an explainer on their website that explains the outerwear brand’s fur and down policy.

“We understand and respect that some people think animal products should never be used in any consumer products, however, we do not share that view,” the website states. “We are committed to providing full transparency about how we make our products, including the ethical sourcing and responsible use of animal products.”

Among the sourcing claims that Canada Goose maintains in their policy, the company does not “condone any willful mistreatment and neglect of animals or acts that maliciously cause undue pain, injury or suffering,” and uses down that is a by-product of the poultry industry. The policy also points out that coyotes are a pest in many parts of North America, often attacking or killing livestock, pets, and even people.

Given PETA’s penchant for outlandish stunts and inaccurate accusations of impropriety, it may be hard to take their pronouncements at face value. However, while there’s always a chance that companies like Canada Goose aren’t as forthright as they appear to be, as always, it’s up to the consumer — and brand partners like Drake — to do the research and make the final decision.

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