Drake Went Into Fanboy Mode And Told Celine Dion He Wants To Get A Tattoo Of Her At The BBMAs

Drake and Celine Dion are arguably two of the most recognized celebrities to hail from the Great White North. But when the two Canadian superstars came together at the Billboard Music Awards, Drake’s reaction proves that Celine is a legend among legends.

“It means the world,” Drake told Dion as he gushed about the chance to meet her. “You’re very iconic. We love you. I’m like a year away from a Celine tat.”

When Dion offered up a skeptical “I don’t know” to being enshrined on Drake’s body like Sade and the Boy Better Know label before her, Drake gamely tried to convince her by gesturing toward a spot on his ribs where he could place the megastar’s name.

In addition to the video, Drake also snagged a selfie with the singer for him and his dad. The More Life rapper posted it to Instagram with a caption that showed how geeked Drake’s dad was to meet Celine.

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