Drake Officially Lives Up To His Instagram Handle With The Launch Of His Champagne Brand, Mod Sélection

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Drake has called himself Champagne Papi on social media for a long time, but now he lives up to the name. Using his connection with Brent Hocking, the founder of DeLeón Tequila, with whom he partnered to release his Virginia Black whiskey line, Drake has now launched his own brand of champagne, called Mod Sélection.

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Welcome to Our House.

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Apparently, Virginia Black is doing pretty well, if Drake can expand his burgeoning drinks empire. And just like his idol Jay-Z, who launched two separate champagne brands of his own, including the infamous Armand de Brignac (aka “Ace of Spades“), Drake’s latest endeavor is meant to project class and wealth. According to Mod Sélection’s press release:

“The house practices minimal interventional throughout harvest, press, and production, ensuring the purest display of balance and terroir in every cuvée. Only grapes demonstrating optimal levels of sugar, acidity, and maturity are selected for press. The most delicate extraction and juice selection, meticulous settling, natural clarification, and rigorous control of fermentations are carried out with exacting precision to preserve the balance, purity and finesse unique to Mod Sélection house style and production.”

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Introducing Mod Sélection Champagne.

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The brand has two options: Mod Réserve Champagne, which will retail for $300, and Mod Rosé Champagne, which is slightly more expensive at $400. Clearly, Drake’s latest business venture is for ballers only. In a promotional video for the brand, he said: “The product is great, the presentation is great, and hopefully the representation is great as well. We’ll enjoy this run. It should be a long one and a strong one. I think the full package is there.”

Bottles are available for pre-order now.