Drake’s Dad Released His Debut Single ‘Kinda Crazy’ With A Sexy, Smoke-Filled R&B Video

Remember the news that Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham (aka The Realest Dude Ever), was releasing an R&B album? Well, it looks like OVO is all-in on making Dennis as big of a star as his son. They have released a music video for Dennis’ debut single “Kinda Crazy,” and it’s… actually, it’s pretty good. You may recognize it as the song from the hilarious ads for Virginia Black whiskey featuring Drake and his pops.

The song is a slow-grooving, old-school funk-R&B number that evokes the best of bands like The Whispers and the Isley Brothers, and the video is a throwback to when all you needed was a black backdrop and a smoke machine — with plenty of lens flare thrown in for good measure. It’s ostentatious 1980s-style lover man aesthetic at its most ridiculous, but it’s pretty obvious Drake is a fan. In all honesty, while Dennis and Aubrey have made one heck of a comedic duo, and are both more than willing to laugh at themselves, the video for “Kinda Crazy” proves that Dennis is dead serious about starting his musical career off right. Whether it makes you laugh or want to slide to the dance floor, “Kinda Crazy” is legit.