Drake Proves He Really Started From The Bottom With This Old Press Kit

Drake is such a successful star these days, it’s easy to forget that he came from pretty humble beginnings. However, it seems like he’s never lost sight of how far he’s come. In a photo posted to his Instagram, Drake peruses a copy of his first press kit — one of the most important tools in any artists’ arsenal — and reminisces on the days he performed for a slightly different venue than the sold-out arenas that have become his primary stomping grounds. From performing for a one-time Toronto Raptor to a partnership with the team, for Drake, the come up was real.

“This was my first press kit,” he writes, before describing the meager details of his early introductory package. “My accolades in an attempt to get signed were 30 registered fan clubs, over 800 topics on message boards, and performing at Chris Bosh private bday party ?.”

Since climbing his way from such a threadbare start, Drake really has come a long way. Now, he’s the one snubbing the Grammys and has numerous publications scrambling for face time with him instead of the other way around. His recently released Scary Hours EP containing “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” shot up the charts when the former went to No. 1 on the Hot 100 and broke all sorts of streaming records.

Drake may or may not have “started from the bottom” as the song says (I guess it depends on how you define “the bottom”), but given his plethora of accomplishments since, it’s safe to say he deserves to celebrate his success.