Drake Nails Another Half-Court Shot While Laying Down Just For Any Non-Believers

09.01.16 3 years ago

Budding trick shot artist Drake is back at it again. The rapper took time out of his busy tour schedule — and away from courting Rihanna – to nail another half court shot while laying on his back.

The Miami Heat posted a video of Drizzy at their team practice facilities on Thursday evening where he can be seen stretched across the floor before tossing towards the goal. The ball hits the backboard before falling into the hoop and being quickly celebrated by those in the building. The Heat account wrote, “This is how you warm up for Night 2 of the #SummerSixteenTour in Miami. First attempt… @Drake called glass!”

Sure he did.

But, this is the second shot of its kind we’ve seen from Drake after he pulled off a similar shot days ago at the Hawks facility in Atlanta a week or so ago. If he did pull the shot off in one attempt, it’s the kind of thing that signals just how his luck is going right now. He’s making these shots, and he’s finally landed Rihanna so his luck is running red hot. If Drake’s smart, he’ll go play the numbers, hit the Powerball and never ever work again.

The truth is he must really be practicing these things to try to erase all memories of that infamous Kentucky air ball from a few years back.

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