Drake’s Thirstiest Fan Broke Into His House And Stole Some Beverages

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There’s thirsty and then there’s actually physical thirst. The woman who broke into Drake’s house last night appears to have been a little bit of both. According to TMZ, an uninvited guest was caught inside of Drake’s house around 10:30 pm on Monday night inside one of his bedrooms, and wearing one of his hoodies. One of the member’s of Drake’s crew spotted the woman and called the authorities. Drake himself wasn’t home at the time.

When the police showed up, she claimed that she had permission to be there, but apparently that was false and was taken into custody. Even with all of the high-dollar valuables and possessions that Drake keeps around, including his most recent purchase, a gorgeous Ben Baller-designed OVO owl, the only thing she admitted to taking was a Sprite, a Pepsi and a bottle of Fiji water.

It’s still unclear at this time how the woman managed to get inside of Drake’s home. Even though the contents of her thievery only totaled up to around $10, she’s being charged with felony burglary. While I’m sure the 6 God is unsettled by the news that someone he doesn’t know was creeping around his house, the outcome is a lot better than the tour bus robbery last year where someone took $3 million worth of jewelry.