Watch Drake And Jennifer Lopez Be Blown Away By A Few Magic Tricks

Life Writer


Who doesn’t love oooooh maaaagic? Drake and Jennifer Lopez are most definitely not on that magic haters list as evident by this viral clip of the rumored couple being wowed and amazed by a Vegas musician. After J. Lo hypnotized Drake with her big, big booty at her Las Vegas show, the pair went back to the telly for a private magic show with friends. Yes, even celebrities are regular people with a sense of wonder and imagination.

At one point during all that magic-ing around, the magician does some telekinesis trickery or something where Drake nearly falls into J. Lo. The Vegas headliner does a decent job of catching Papi though so no awkward, “oops, my bad!” there. There’s also a shot where the two look comfortably cozy sitting next to each other while the magician correctly guesses the time on Drake’s watch. J. Lo even slides her hand on the Toronto rapper’s thigh which, according to body language experts, is a thing women do when they’re very much interested.

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