Even Drake Enjoyed Meek Mill’s Trampoline Front Flip At A Sixers Game

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Trust me, wait for Meek Mill. 😂 (via @MeekMill)

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Make no mistake, there is still no love lost between Drake and Meek Mill. Yes, they’ve both kind of gone on with their lives, but even on Meek’s last album he snuck a few jabs in, years after Drake scorched him with “Back To Back.” But things have quieted down at least, and now, we may have our first sign of a mending of fences thanks to the ultimate fence mender: Basketball.

Whenever Meek attends a 76ers game, he undoubtedly gets the superstar treatment, he’s the biggest current rapper from Philly and that’s his hometown team. Apparently, this treatment includes some leisure time with the trampoline dunkers in the bowels of the arena. It’s a cool perk, and Meek took advantage Friday night as the Sixers played the Celtics and decided to join in on the fun, front flipping on the trampoline, much to the internet’s amusement.

Well, it turns out Drake saw the video and either his twitter fingers got a little loose, or he has a soul and got a kick out of Meek’s acrobatics just like everybody else because he liked the video posted on House Of Highlights Instagram.

So there you have it: trampoline-basketball antics are ending rap beefs, one hilarious front flip at a time.