Drake Debunks That ‘More Life’ Album Release Date Rumor

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Drake is still gunning to provide listeners with the soundtrack to their lives. During the birthday edition of his OVO Sound Radio in October, the 6 Gawd revealed he was dropping a new “playlist” entitled, More Life. “Like I said, dropping in December, all original music from me. You might hear some tunes from the family on there,” he said.

While Drake never did provide a release date, OVO friend ItsBizKit spilled The Boy was gearing up to release Life next Saturday. “Shoutout to Drake. Shoutout to OVO. More Life December 3 it’s about to go down,” the social media personality said during a recent interview with Power 105.1 EmEz.

That turned out to be false.

Drake creeped in WorldStarHipHop’s Instagram comments to debunk the release date rumors while still teasing the upcoming album. “More Life More Chunes More Everything….just not on December 3rd [laughing emoji].”

So basically it’s still coming, just not on a random Saturday. More Life will probably arrive on the night before Christmas because Drake usually drops the bulk of his fire at the most inconvenient times.

Meanwhile, Drake’s taking no prisoners in 2017 apparently. Stylist Ian Connor shared a screenshot of a text conversation he had with Drizzy and in short, no more Mr. Nice Guy.

Trust bro. The blissful times of being new and exciting and non-threatening are over. There is real people suffering thru issues based around their own misery and frustrations and their reaction to it all is being taken out on those that threaten their bubble. Anyone that disrupts that feelings of the world revolving around them. Kobe ended his career with an entire campaign about how much people hate him. What a way to have to exit.

To feel like I was too good that even in my farewell we have to address the years you spent hating me for it. Just don’t let it make you bitter. Pls. I am happy despite waking up everyday and someone new flipping on me or talking down. And I have grown to the point that revenge makes me happy because my revenge isn’t malicious it’s warranted.

That’s one helluva response to a simple “This Revenge on Life shit runs deep” text message.