Drake And Rihanna Showed Up To The Same Birthday Party And The Internet Is Enjoying The Awkwardness

Everybody has been there before. You get into a relationship with someone and form mutual friendships with other people that of course last longer than your relationship. Now, you have the random but very real possibility that you two will be invited to the same function and be forced to interact long after you’ve both decided you shouldn’t interact with each other any more. That’s life, it happens, if you’re lucky, you’re still friendly with your ex and it’s only a 2.3 on the awkwardness scale.

Judging by the looks of it, Drake and Rihanna’s random rendezvous at a child’s birthday party over the weekend was a little further up the awkwardness scale and for entertainment’s sake we can all be thankful it went down. Little is know about the amazing child who has the reach to get Drake and Riri to pop up at his birthday party, but what’s clear is they were both there and while Rihanna seemed to be relaxing and having a fine day, Drake is literally shriveled up in a corner somewhere and it’s Peak Dork Drake.

Granted, the videos that popped up in Snapchat have zero context, and for all we know they could have been best friends outside of these short videos, but boy are they funny in a vacuum.


The supposed couple had their most famous public moment at last year’s 2016 MTV VMA’s where Drake declared his love for Rihanna and they even kissed, awkwardly so. Beyond that, it’s mostly quiet as two of the most famous people on Earth have understandably decided they’d rather keep their private live private. So this is as good as a glimpse of them as we’ve ever been given and as always, the Internet is enjoying awkward Drake and the mere possibility of the duo in the same room at the same time.