All The Songs On Drake’s Mammoth New Album ‘Scorpion,’ Ranked

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Drake is officially back on his bullsh*t, parachuting in at the tail-end of one or the most eye-popping months for new hip-hop releases in years with a 90-minute long, 25-song behemoth of an album titled Scorpion. Listen, if you like Drake chances are you’re probably going to enjoy his latest record. If you don’t like Drake, you probably won’t. If you think Views is his best full-length project to date, you’re probably going to love Scorpion, as it adopts much of the same, icy, navel-gazing vibe of that similarly monolithic album.

What everyone can probably agree on is that 25 tracks is a lot of songs to get through in one album. Some might argue it’s too many songs, but The Beatles’ White Album was 30 tracks long, so I guess it’s all really relative right? That being said, for the purposes of everyday listening — unless your commute runs an hour and a half long (and God help you if it does), you might be inclined to cut through the skippable songs and filler and get right to the cream of the crop on Scorpion. If that’s happens to be the case, I’ve ranked each and every song on Drake’s latest project from worst to best to help you decide what to keep in, and what might be worth passing over.