Drake And Taylor Swift Take Their Relationship To The Next Level

This is a picture of Drake and Taylor Swift in the studio, posted by Drake late last night/early this morning, though I think it’s fair to note, that looks like the outfit Taylor was wearing on Drake’s birthday. But whether you believe the romance rumors or not, there is definitely something going on between Drake and Taylor Swift.

Their relationship has been clearly established long before Taylor stole the show at Drake’s 30th birthday, and honestly, their similarities are many. Would that make for a great relationship or a trainwreck remains to be seen, but what is clear as day is that this couple are two of the best musicians working today. So, if they’re working on a track together, odds are it’s going to be incredible. Plus, they’re both #TeamAppleMusic in the great streaming wars of 2016, so a collab isn’t bogged down by any red tape or politics.

Of course, this could be the king and queen of pop music trolling the hell out of us for fun. Just a few short months ago it seemed Drake was dating Rihanna and Taylor was with Tom Hiddleston. Except, both of those relationships ended rather abruptly within weeks of one another. Interesting.

Earlier this week E! News reported that they’re collaborating on new music together, and Drizzy’s Instagram post sure seems to confirm that they’re spending time together. But since it’s Drake, it also suggests a little more, too. For her part, Taylor is staying glowingly, remarkably on brand. (Shouts out to Kelsea Ballerini.)
My respect goes out to that woman, who continually faces enormous criticism and always seems to rise above it. What better way to shake off the Kim/Kanye drama than getting cozy with another rapper?