Drake Caught A Beer And Chugged It During The Toronto Raptors’ Championship Parade

Getty Image

In case you haven’t heard, Drake is very excited that the Toronto Raptors prevailed over the Golden State Warriors to win this year’s NBA Finals in six games. After the game, Drake — who was hosting a viewing party in Toronto, possibly because he wasn’t allowed at the gamecelebrated big time. He went bananas after the final horn sounded, he gave a post-game interview, he FaceTimed with Stephen Curry, and he posted a lot on social media. Not long after the game, he also celebrated with a pair of new songs, “Omerta” and the Rick Ross-featuring “Money In The Grave.”

Today, the Raptors are taking over Toronto with their championship celebration parade, and naturally, Drake is there with the team, having fun at a high level. The team is riding through the city on the tops of busses, and Drake is on board as well. At one point, a spectator tossed Drake a can of beer, which he caught and then proceeded to chug, Rob Gronkowski style.

Later, he was also seen holding the Larry O’Brien championship trophy alongside Kyle Lowry:

Meanwhile, fans who direct their attention upward might notice that Drake’s new plane is flying over the parade:

Canada’s CBC News is livestreaming the parade and rally online right now, so check it out here or below.