Drake Gets Upstaged By His Dad In A Major Way For Their New Virginia Black Whiskey Ad

For a bit over a year now, Drake has been working on his own brand of whiskey called Virginia Black, and a couple months ago, he showed how strong his advertising game is with a series of ads starring his hilarious father, Dennis Graham. Instead of “The Most Interesting Man In The World,” Graham is billed as “The Realest Dude Ever,” and now the father-son duo is back with a pretty stellar new commercial.

It opens with a product shot, and as Drake grabs a glass and goes to take a sip, he’s stopped in his tracks when he notices an attractive, dancing woman who’s seemingly making eyes at him. The two walk to each other, but as they meet, the woman keeps moving past him and towards who else but Graham, who rocks a dapper tan suit and olive hat and says to his boy, “Hey son, hold my drink.”

A surprised Drake takes his father’s glass, and Graham quips, “Nice turtleneck,” before walking away with the lady, hand in hand. Then he starts singing his song “Kinda Crazy,” at which point the background music changes from “Passionfruit” to Graham’s groovy R&B number, and Drake stands there for a minute, not quite knowing what to do with himself. Then there’s the kicker: One more product shot, and a clip of Graham by a fire, drink in hand, delivering the catch phrase: “Virginia Black: One sip, and wooh!”

Watch the ad above, and erase all doubt from your mind that there’s a dude out there more real than Dennis Graham.