Dreezy Delivers A Politically Conscious Posse Cut With 6lack And Kodak Black On ‘Spar’

Posse cuts have always been a staple of hip-hop, but rarely have they been used to spread political messages — “All In The Same Gang” and “Mass Destruction” spring to mind here as the rare exception. However, Dreezy, 6lack, and (strangely) Kodak Black just delivered their entry to the canon. Over a solemn beat produced by Stwo, the trio reflect on police brutality, the government responses to recent hurricanes that have devastated the lives and livelihoods of people of color throughout the southern United States, and of course, their feelings about the current Commander-In-Chief.

As 6lack says in his standout, lead-off verse, these three are trying to “spar with Trump” about the negative stereotypes that have been perpetuated about Black folks that have led to public shootings and prevented them from participating in the wealth generated from the legalization of weed after being locked up for selling it.

With “Spar,” Dreezy proves she isn’t content just making love songs, but with the current political climate in the United States, it’d be hard for anyone to avoid talking about social issues and natural disasters. However, she proves she’s more than up to the challenge here, touching on police shootings and government apathy toward hurricane victims.

Kodak’s close-out verse veers into conspiracy theory a bit, but if he wants to stick to social commentary, it could lead to a better direction for his career than his Instagram live chats.

No word yet on where this particular gem is going to end up, but given Dreezy has been working on a follow-up to her debut album, No Hard Feelings, it seems likely that this is just the first salvo in a wave of new music for the Chicago rising star