Dreezy Stages A Strip Club Stickup In Her Action-Packed ‘Where Them $ @’ Video

Don’t get between Dreezy and her paper. In the video for Dreezy‘s new single “Where Them $ @,” the Chicago rapper comes up with a get rich scheme involving strippers, Uzis, and ski masks in a stick-up that doesn’t quite work out as planned.

Directed by Chad Tennis and featuring gentlemen’s club headliners Miracle Watts and Persuasian, the video opens on an elaborately-coiffed Dreez shooting a text message to her “inside man” at the local shake club while packing duffle bags with the tools of the trade. In the next scene, Dreezy and her girls make it rain while waiting for a signal to take their mark, at which point their duffle bags end up filled with more dollar bills than they brought to tip with. Finally, the girls celebrate their ill-gotten gains in their garage headquarters, while their unlucky victim dangles from the roof, trussed and gagged.

The final scene finds Dreezy and her co-conspirators holding up their ID placards in a police lineup, proving crime doesn’t pay quite as well as rap does. Fortunately for music fans, Dreezy sticks to what she’s good at — making bangers full of rewind-worthy rhymes and catchy hooks on trunk-rattling beats. Dreezy continues to tease an upcoming project but hasn’t revealed a release date just yet. However, hits like “Spar,” “2nd To None,” and “Where Them $ @” need a home, so it can’t be too far off.