The Trailer For Eminem’s ‘Framed’ Video Subtly Hints At Connections To His 2009 ‘3 AM’ Video

Eminem has gotten ambitious with his music videos in support of his 2017 album Revival most recently with a 7-minute clip for “River” featuring Ed Sheeran. Now it looks like he’s going to have another clip on the way soon, as the rapper just shared a 30-second trailer for an upcoming “Framed” video.

We learn a lot in just half a minute: In the video, Eminem has escaped from an asylum and is holed up in some house, hiding because, as the news reporter on TV notes, he’s being accused of what seem to be some grizzly murders. As the song’s title suggests, though, perhaps he didn’t actually do what everybody is saying he did.

After taking a closer look at the teaser, fans have noticed connections between the “Framed” trailer and Eminem’s 2009 “3 a.m.” video, and they’ve shared their findings in the YouTube comments. For example, one quick image in the “Framed” trailer shows footage of Popsomp Hills (which is the setting for the “3 AM” clip) that’s tagged as taking place at 2:59 a.m., or one minute before 3 AM Also, in the “3 AM” video, Eminem cuts his right palm while swallowing pills, and in the “Framed” teaser, Eminem is seen with a bandage on his right hand.

Watch the “Framed” trailer above.

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