Eminem Claims He Was ‘Framed’ For A Gruesome Serial Murder In His Horror-Themed New Video

Eminem’s back on the scene with a new, horror-themed music video for “Framed,” the latest single from his 2017 comeback, Revival.

In both the song and the video, Eminem portrays a dissociative serial killer with multiple personalities who goes on a deranged killing spree but denies his involvement to local authorities when he’s caught, claiming that he’s been “Framed” for the murders, despite describing them in gruesome detail.

In the video, he wanders the halls of an asylum in a blood-stained shirt while surrounded by mutilated corpses and endures an intense questioning session with Detective Shelter, the police investigator assigned to his disturbing case. It’s a classic Slim Shady horrorshow, sure to capture the imaginations of fans of grim, bloody films like Saw and Wolf Creek.

While Eminem returned to his original lyrical form on Revival, not everyone was all that excited about the return of the Slim Shady alter ego, preferring the Marshall Mathers who shared his real life rather than his drug-fueled murder fantasies. After taking some time out to clap back at the critics on his “Chloraseptic” remix, it seems Eminem has decided his time is best spent feeding the loyal fans who appreciate his oft-times nightmarish sense of humor.