Eminem ft. Dr. Dre – Old Time’s Sake (Has Eminem’s Time Passed?)

05.04.09 10 years ago 159 Comments

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Eminem ft. Dr. Dre – Old Time’s Sake

Eminem reemerges, but is his moment lost?

Whoever his audience might be, Eminem will have to come up with more interesting material to command their attention. While the recent songs might tell us the kind of TV he’s been watching, none gives a glimpse into what he’s actually been feeling during this recording hiatus. And he’s had no shortage of emotional triggers: dealing with addiction, the seemingly final dissolution of his marriage to the infamous Kim, and the death of his close friend Proof. He’s clearly done a lot of living and learning, yet that isn’t apparent in the rhymes we’ve heard to date. The cringe-worthy Eminem has resurfaced, but not the clever wordsmith willing to display vulnerability and dig for emotion. Only the album cover, an image of the rapper made out of a mosaic of pills, hints at the demons he has previously illuminated.

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