Eminem Finds Motivation In Fellow Hip-Hop Vet Jay-Z: ‘A Career Doesn’t Have To Be A Five-Year Run’

12.18.17 7 months ago

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With Revival, Eminem has managed to make the 20-year mark as an MC. His first project was 1997’s Infinite, a relatively unheralded lyrical exercise that flew under the radar. Nothing about his career has been unsung since, as he’s sold millions of albums and been a cornerstone of hip-hop since dropping his Slim Shady LP in 1999. Few other MCs have had his longevity, especially in terms of being top tier stars for the whole time. Jay-Z is a prominent example, and one that Eminem told Vulture that he looks to for motivation.

“It’s cool that a younger generation can look to me and Jay and say, ‘holy s*it, a career doesn’t have to be a five-year run,’” he told the outlet. “I know I look at Jay to see what he’s passionate about. I’m right there when he puts out something new. I want to see where he’s at, then I use it to see where I’m at.”

Perhaps that’s why Revival came out in the same year that Jay-Z dropped 4:44, and covers similar ground as far as fatherhood, and our tumultuous political climate.

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