The ‘Emo Blueface’ Meme Using An Old Photo Of The Rapper Has Gone So Viral It’s Absurd

Getty Image

Blueface may be known as the modern face of popular gangsta rap, but like anyone else, he’s got a past. Over the weekend, a photo surfaced online revealing that one of Blueface’s old stylistic choices may say a bit more about his musical influences than he was ready to admit. Now, Blueface’s scene haircut in that old photo has fans busting out jokes mashing up gangsta rap and emo rock, reinterpreting his hit “Thotiana” with 2000’s era, sad-kid smashes. Of course, it’s entirely possible the photo is just photoshopped, but that has never stopped the jokes before and it probably won’t stop them now.

The picture features the young Jonathon Porter sporting a blue polo and baggy jeans — the unofficial uniform of preppy cool kids in the late-2000s — and a pressed out, flattened, long fringe typical of emo scene adherents at the time. Blueface posted the photo himself to his Instagram after it had gone viral, questioning: “Who tf put this wig on my head?” while seemingly laughing off the jokes. It’s good he’s got a sense of humor about the whole thing because the flames flew fast and furiously on Twitter, referencing Fall Out Boy and other emo scene stars.

Comedian Zack Fox got the party started with a closeup of Blueface’s face and haircut with the caption “Panic! At The Meat Show,” which lit the fuse. Before long, dozens of variations on the theme had cropped, mashing up Blue’s lyrics with everything from Plain White T’s to Fall Out Boy to Modern Baseball. Check out some of the funniest memes below.