Rakim And Eric B Walked Back Their Derogatory Tweets About New Hip-Hop

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Hip-Hop pioneers Eric B and Rakim are now distancing themselves from incendiary tweets about the new generation of rap that were sent from their Twitter account last week. The now-deleted tweets described the current crop of new rappers as unable to create a “meaningful change” through their verses, adding that we were witnessing the devolution of the art form.

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The anti-millennial stance of the tweets caused a firestorm from fans and purists alike — until the whoever was running the joint account deleted the controversial tweets later that week. Now, Rakim is saying he had nothing to do with the rant, wiping his hands clean of it altogether. During an interview with TMZ Live, Rakim said that the tweets were done by someone who runs the account for them, and he had no “information” about it beforehand. You can find his comments at the 2:30 mark below:

Rakim does admit that there is plenty of “degrading” music out there currently, however, adding that listeners should be more discerning when choosing who to listen to. Eric B was also recently on Star’s “The Star Chamber” show where he also denies any involvement. “I love what [young rappers] do…the statement is ridiculous,” he said while adding that he isn’t a hater. Check out his comments at the 49:18 mark below:

This isn’t the first time Eric B and Rakim’s Twitter account stirred up drama. The person running it also strangely endorsed Donald Trump ahead of the election and even accused R&B singer Eric Bellinger of trying to fool fans into thinking he was Eric B. Maybe it’s time the account closed down for good, or found someone else to run it properly for the Rakim and Eric B.

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