Erykah Badu Drops A Raunchy But Woke Freestyle For A NSFW Social Media Challenge

The latest social media challenge currently sweeping the internet is, shall we say, less than safe for work.

Courtesy of New Orleans rapper GameOva Reedy, the “For The D*ck” challenge exploded after Reedy’s “Freestyle” video received over 1.1 million views on Youtube since April. A fairly standard New Orleans bounce number, a la Big Freedia, “Freestyle” stands out for Reedy’s apparently improvised lyrics that read a little like a raunchy, rap version of Green Eggs ‘N’ Ham: “I gonna rock on that d**k, Ima drop on that d**k / Ima eat that d**k, Ima creep with that d**k / Ima sleep with that d**k, Ima eat with that d**k / while I’m all on that d**k, just rocking on that d**k,” — and so on. To be honest, it’s kind of impressive how many ways Reedy manages to work in the word “d*ck.”

Apparently, users on Instagram also took the creative assortment of things to do with d*cks as a challenge, and so the #ForTheDickChallenge was born.
It looks like social media’s more active celebrities, including Erykah Badu and Cardi B, were impressed as well.

With the help of comedian Michael Blackson, Badu flips the salacious subject matter into a borderline socially conscious freestyle, letting Blackson take the naturally opposing side with “for the p*ssy”-themed rhymes. Badu threatens to “Fight Hurricane Maria for the d*ck/ Ride a missile from Korea for the d*ck” and jokes “F*ck woke, I’m dead for the dick,” while Blackson takes a few potshots at fellow comedian Kevin Hart’s apology for cheating: “Not smart for the p*ssy/ Cheat on my wife, Kevin Hart for the p*ssy,”

And while Badu called herself and Blackson the “first” celebs on the challenge, others have jumped in as well, including Bronx rapper Cardi B, breakout standup comedian Tiffany Haddish, and now her Girls Trip co-star Regina Hall has thrown her hat into the ring along with Insecure creator/star Issa Rae.

Check out more of the hilarious antics below.

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