Evil Kermit Speaks To The Self-Destructive Savage Lurking Inside Us All

Petty “That’s None Of My Business” Kermit The Frog is out and Evil Kermit is in. This black hoodie-wearing Kermit is just as petty, but way, way more savage, and has not one iota of self-control. That’s always a fun combination!

Evil Kermit knows your true self and isn’t afraid to tap into it in order to send you spiraling down a self-destructive hole when all you wanted to do was be cool, calm and collected. He’s that little voice inside that says “turn up!” when all you wanted to do was enjoy one drink but end up downing several shots of Henny and now you’re making a “Marvin’s Room” call to an ex.

It’s the voice that tells you to watch one more episode of your favorite, hour-long binge show when it’s 2:52am on a Monday and your alarm is set for 6:00am. That voice that tells you to “ball till you fall” even though you swore on A$AP Mob that this year was your last year of being broke. But Evil Kermit refuses to let you flourish and function as a well-adjusted human beings. He is the Tyler Durden to our Jack.

Here are a few relatable memes to “Oh my God! Yes! LOL! So funny” to.

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