‘Family Guy’ Poked Fun At The Jay-Z/Solange Elevator Fight Like Only They Could

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10.03.16 15 Comments

Family Guy‘s most notorious feature is the cutaway gag. It’s been a staple of the animated series since its inception and the weapon of choice for the show to insult many a celebrity. On Sunday night’s episode “Bookie of the Year” the victim of this gag was none other than Jay-Z himself.

Yes, it’s been over two years since Jay-Z’s sister-in-law, Solange Knowles, attacked Jay in an elevator for all the world to see while Beyonce watched from a corner of the elevator. And while the Jay and Bey would probably rather forget it ever happened, it’s a moment that will forever live on in infamy on the internet. So, to grab some cheap laughs, the powers that be at Family Guy reimagined that faithful elevator ride with Peter Griffin as an unsuspecting passenger, and he was just as shocked at the fight as the rest of the world was back in 2014.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect as Solange just dropped her latest album A Seat At The Table last week, following up big sister Yonce’s Lemonade which of course arrived via short film that always felt like it should have included The Elevator Ride of Doom anyway.

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