Houston Rapper Fat Tony Named His New Album ‘Macgregor Park’ After The First Rap Single From His Hometown

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Fat Tony/First One Up Records

When Houston rapper Fat Tony found out that the first ever rap single that was released in his hometown, he knew exactly what to call his fourth studio album. He’s been working on MacGregor Park since 2014, and tapped the co-producer for D.R.A.M’s runaway hit “Broccoli,” Rogét Chahayed. The album pays homage to a memorable childhood park in Fat Tony’s hometown neighborhood of Third Ward in Houston, and is a reflection on the carefree times of his adolescence. It’s a relatable wish, in light of recent civil unrest due to discriminatory police practices — which Tony himself was a victim of recently.

Fat Tony recalled the conception of the album title feeling like fate. “In 2014, I read the book Hip Hop in Houston: The Origin and the Legacy by Maco L. Faniel,” he said. “(I) learned the very first rap single ever released in Houston was named ‘MacGregor Park.’ That’s when I knew what to call this album.” Along with the new release, Fat Tony is announcing a fall tour that will begin on September 24th in Nashville and conclude in Santa Ana on October 13th. He will be joined on the tour by co-headliner FLACO.

Fat Tony won the 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2013 Houston Press Music Awards’ Best Underground Hip Hop award, and is known for promoting his albums with clever campaigns such as LISDARGAB — or, “Listen, Do a Review, Get a Buck” — to promote his 2010 debut album RABDARGAB. That album was named after a late 1990s Houston Independent School District campaign called “Read a Book – Do A Report – Get a Buck” aimed at elementary school students to promote literacy by offering $1 to students in exchange for book reports.

MacGregor Park is available now, on most streaming services.

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