Finally Giving Away A Pair Of Dwayne Wade’s Sneakers

05.12.07 11 years ago 4 Comments

Winner gets a free pair, the size of their choice. Contest is open to men and women. I was going to do a trivia on Dwayne Wade, but I wanted the winner to be a real fan of RealTalkNY, so the trivia will be about the site. People who answer correctly will be entered into the contest, and the winner will be chosen randomly. Leave a comment in this post and email me your answers to with Wade Contest as the headline. Don’t post your answers here, just your email. Will stop accepting entries monday 12a.m.


1.When was the month and year of RealTalkNY’s first post?

2.What was the original address of RealTalkNY?

3.What is RealTalkNY’s myspace address?

4.What artist appeared on the first banner of

5.How many RealTalkNY photo albums contain pics of Jay-Z?

6.What is the title of the first post in RealTalkNY’s forum- Real Hip Hop Discussions?

7. If you go to category Pharrell, what is the first post you see? 

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