Floyd Mayweather Goes On A Bizarre ‘All Lives Matter’ Tangent

Life Writer
10.10.16 15 Comments

Floyd Mayweather’s track record has proven that he’s not exactly the athlete you want to run to for social and political commentary, or just about anything unrelated to boxing. After all, this is the same convicted woman beater who defend noted racist Donald Sterling’s character. And the same guy who defended Justin Bieber and his offensive N-word “joke.” Now, Money Mayweather is also the “All Lives Matters” guy.

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, the multi-millionaire athlete was asked to give his two cents on “why boxers aren’t selling pay-per-view.” Rather than staying on topic, Mayweather completely went off on a tangent about all lives matter while also advising people to follow orders and directions.

“I’m here to say all lives matters,” the undefeated boxer answered to the unrelated question. “A lot of times we get stuck and we’re followers. You hear one person say, ‘Black lives matters!’ or ‘Blue lives matters!’ All lives matters.” Mayweather also doled out this piece of advice — quit resisting. “What I learned from boxing that everyone can take for real life is follow directions. Follow order. Don’t give nobody no hard time.”

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