Floyd Mayweather Is Training Soulja Boy For His Chris Brown Boxing Match

Get ready for the “fight of the century,” folks! All that back and forth between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown isn’t over, despite Baby Draco apologizing to his fans and blaming his erratic behavior on his sick mother. Instead, the two men will be taking their fight to the ring for a boxing match that will be promoted by none other than Floyd Mayweather and his TMT Promotions. What a twist!

“We gotta get that money, man,” Mayweather said on Soulja Boy’s Instagram Story late last night. And they’re dead serious about it too because Mayweather already has a flyer for the fight. No scheduled date, time or location just yet, but what we do know is that it’ll be Soulja Boy and Chris Brown going at it for three rounds in a boxing match that will be broadcasting live on Pay-Per-View.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent is urging anyone with $100,000 laying around to put their money up. The former amateur boxer went on Instagram and called out “mother*ckers with money” to start placing their bets “Get Blac Youngsta on the phone, he got a big ol’ bag of money. I seen a picture of the money in the motherf*cking tub. He had money all over the motherf*cker. Call him, call [Yo] Gotti, call all the motherf*cking gang n*ggas.”

Fif also revealed Mayweather has already taken his bet, adding “[Mayweather] just called me and told me he’s going to take the bet. The [$250,000] ain’t nothing. Champ bet $400,000 on the halftime. We talking money. Big money.”

Watch Soulja Boy put in work at the gym below.