Foxy Brown Considers Playboy And Plans To Drop An Album This Year

07.18.11 8 years ago 20 Comments

(Foxy Brown) She says she’s still debating whether to accept Hugh Hefner’s $2 million offer to pose on the cover of Playboy. Brown says she plans to release a long-delayed album in 2011. She is also suing New York City for $100,000 for civil-rights violations, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress. If she’s no longer the star she was in the ’90s, Brown said she’s proud of where she is today.
Full Story: NY Post

Who really believes Hugh Hefner would really offer her $2 million for playboy? On top of that there is no way she would of turned that down smh. I don’t see her dropping an album this year, or next either, but we will see.

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