Frank Ocean’s Magazine Could See A Wider Release, So Avoid eBay Resellers

eBay resellers on almost anything in limited supply are ridiculous. Case and point, shortly after Frank Ocean’s Blonde album arrived there were four pop-up shops featuring his long-talked about magazine, Boys Don’t Cry. Fans who went to the shops got a free copy that also includes an alternate version of the album. In turn, some of these people sought out eBay to hike up the prices by like 800%. There’s even a listing for $2,000. But Frank Ocean’s mom urges fans not to support these vultures.

“Don’t Pay those ridiculous prices for the mags on eBay,” Katonya Beaux wrote on Twitter. “Just hang tight a sec..”

The last bit seems to indicate that a less-limited release is coming. With all the time and effort that went into creating his albums and this magazine, you’d think Frank wouldn’t just want a few select groups to have it. Hopefully this means people can get it online, whether or not they have to pay for it. I’d gladly toss Ocean money for a copy. In my eyes, it’s a better idea than a pop-up shop.

It’s unfortunate that those kind of people get their hands on magazines (and other things). There’s fans out there, like me, who just want a copy to read and enjoy what Frank created. Not make a lot of money off of. I wanted to see Kanye West’s poem on printed paper. Last year, Tyler, The Creator put out a small magazine that I love because he’s just having fun with his words and interviews. Things like this are cool to see from artists, and I hope resellers don’t ruin that in the future.