Frank Ocean Expresses Support For Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Comments

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01.09.17 6 Comments

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Meryl Streep didn’t mince words during her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award, using her time to go after Donald Trump, his supporters and mixed martial arts(?). Predictably, the internet weighed in and — because the the president-elect has remarkably thin-skin on the thumbs of his baby-sized tweeting hands — so did Trump.

But Streep has at least one famous ally out there. Frank Ocean took to Tumblr with a short note to express his support.

“Say it, Meryl!” Ocean wrote in his first Tumblr post of the year, before sending out a probably unrelated image of himself in some nice jeans exiting a fancy sports car.

That Streep used her platform to speak out shouldn’t come as any sort of surprise, she spoke at the DNC and made a video with Amy Schumer decrying the president-elect’s words and actions after the release of an Access Hollywood tape where he bragged of sexually assaulting women. Frank has been decidedly more quiet on the issue until now, but at least we finally got Blonde.

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