Frank Ocean’s New Album Could Finally Be Released This Month

Frank Ocean might as well change his album title to Better Late Than Never at this point, but it looks like Boys Don’t Cry could finally see the light of day.

A new blog post surfaced early Saturday morning on the enigmatic singer’s website simply entitled “late,” with a picture of a library card return slip which teases a July 2016 release date at the bottom for Ocean’s follow-up to his acclaimed debut studio album, 2012’s Channel Orange. Upon closer examination, however, there’s a November 13, 2016 date listed at the top as well, which Reddit users are speculating could mean a few things. The top guess appears to be there’s a double album is coming with one disc released in July, followed by another in November.

There’s also another possibility. In April 2015, Ocean announced and that an album and magazine would be arriving last July. A rep later confirmed the news so maybe the magazine is arriving this month, with the album coming in November.

Regardless, Ocean has been quiet this year regarding the new album, save for a leaked, low quality snippet and an appearance on Kanye West’s constantly evolving The Life of Pablo. Music aside, there’s also been word about the album from James Blake, who said he heard some of Ocean’s new music when the two collaborated on the British singer/songwriter’s recent album, The Colour in Anything. Blake was full of praise for the project so apparently the long awaited album is the R&B singer’s best work yet.

To sum things up, there’s a new, mysterious graphic on Ocean’s new website which may or may not mean his new album that’s probably called Boys Don’t Cry is coming as soon as this month, or possibly in November.

(Via The Fader)