Freddie Gibbs Will Be Extradited To Austria To Face Rape Charges

Earlier this month, Freddie Gibbs was jailed in France for allegedly raping a woman in Austria back in 2015. He spent some time behind bars as authorities were trying to figure out what the next step would be in the handling of the Gary, Indiana rapper. On Thursday, a French court judge decided that Gibbs, real name Frederick Tipton, should be extradited to Austria.

“A French court on Thursday ordered the extradition of US rapper Freddie Gibbs to Austria, where he is accused of rape, his lawyer Michael Malka said. [He] was the subject of a European arrest warrant issued on May 31 for an alleged rape in Austria in 2015. He was released on 50,000-euro ($56,000) bail last week.”

Gibbs’ lawyer, Michael Malka, states that the 34-year-old rapper has 72 hours to decide whether he’s going to file an appeal for the extradition. Malka also made note that his client would face this charges head on. “Gibbs ‘has no intention of escaping justice, whether French or Austrian,’ he said.” It seems that the reason Freddie “Corleone” decided to make bail was so because he was opposed to the “harsh transfer procedure” and want[ed] to freely hand himself over to Austrian authorities.”

(Via France 24)