Watch Future And Chris Brown Embrace Their Roles As Players In The Opulent ‘Pie’ Video

Last night, Future promised he would drop his brand new “Pie” video single featuring Chris Brown just after the end of the action-packed BET Awards, and thankfully the Atlanta “Super Trapper” came through. The new video has an over-the-top, comedic vibe we’re really not used to seeing from Future. It opens with with him and Breezy dancing around an opulent mansion at night. He gets a text and greets a woman at the door. Then, while she’s taking a bath, he leaves to greet another woman on the balcony. As he seducing her, another text comes through and he goes down to the bottom of the house and so on.

Eventually, all the women he and Chris Brown have been trying to juggle and keep separate from one another figure out what’s going on and confront them in the main living room. But, here’s the twist: They’re totally cool with it! A wild dance party breaks out, and you can only imagine what happens just after the video ends.

The music itself is appropriately light and carefree. The chorus — “I turn the side piece to a 9 piece / She out lying it shouldn’t even matter, she mine / I told her baby, f*ck it up, one time — is incredible catchy, though I’m not sure how that radio edit is going to work.

Check out Future and Chris Brown’s “Pie” video above.