Future Settles His Multimillion Dollar Lawsuit With His Former Partner Rocko Out Of Court

12.14.17 1 year ago

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Future and former partner Rocko’s 18-month legal battle is over, and it looks like Future’s gonna have to fork over commas. In 2015, Rocko sued Future for unpaid royalties alleging that the HNDRXX rapper cut a side deal with Epic Records and Rocko didn’t even know it. Future originally signed a six-album deal with Rocko’s A1 records. Future allegedly went to Epic on his own and signed a contract which gave him hefty album advances that he never shared with Rocko. Rocko then called foul with the suit, to which Future countersued claiming he was owed money. After some brief social media back and forth, the case has been subject to the slow hands of the legal system since then.

Rumors popped up that Future would have to pay Rocko 50% of his tour revenue for two years to settle the debt, but those proved false. The reality is that the two settled out of court according to TMZ. The exact figures haven’t been disclosed, but Rocko’s lawyers told TMZ they’re happy with the “very successful result.” TMZ also says their sources reported the settlement was in the seven-figure range.

At least Future won’t have to deal with Rocko taking a piece off the top of his earnings going forward.

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