Future Wants You To Know That He’s Shark Tank-Rich In The ‘Super Trapper’ Video

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As you watch the music video for “Super Trapper,” it bears remembering that we are all responsible for this. Our listening habits took one of the most interesting rap characters to emerge in this century — a dude who rapped like going to the club every night was a condition of his parole — and told him what we really wanted to him to do is perform unspeakable acts on some commas. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Future chose this ode to being really, really stankin’ rich to share from his latest self-titled project.

Not that “Super Trapper” is a bad song. All the sneaking unease that you might expect from an earlier Future track — or that you can get from other standout songs on the album — has been channeled into a subdued and spooky beat from Southside. And it’s nowhere to be found in the accompanying music video. Similar to “Poppin’ Tags” before it, this new clip is all stunting. “Trapper” features Hendrix showing off a driveway full of cars and a mansion full of girls and money. There’s even a shark tank that — if we’re being honest — is pretty dope. Watch the Sam Lecca-directed video up top and stream Future’s latest album here.

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