Future And Young Thug’s Surprise Album Got The Internet Stirred Up Trying To Figure Out Who Outrapped Who

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Young Thug and Future came out of nowhere to drop a surprise joint project last night, and today they’re the talk of hip-hop. From fans to fellow artists and athletes, almost everyone has an opinion on Super Slimey, which for months reigned as one of the most anticipated joint projects still in the can. Young Scooter recently announced that his Street Lottery 4 project would have the two featured for it’s entirety which was exciting, but Super Slimey is the real deal: just the two going at it for 12 tracks — and one dope Offset feature.

One of the coolest things surrounding the album is the Apple description: “Two of Atlanta’s most innovative MCs attempt to out-rap each other.” That’s a clearcut premise for any classic album, and proof that “outrap” isn’t some outdated ’90’s concept.

Future and Young Thug are two of the biggest genre-bending artists out, but they didn’t want anyone to get it twisted. This isn’t just a vocal duet album, this is about embodying the spirit of hip-hop as healthy competition — even in it’s new form. Whereas Future’s previous joint collab blockbuster What A Time To Be Alive felt like a two-man, “we both won already” flex fest between he and Drake, Thug and Future both went at it on Super Slimey, trying to see who was really the king of the syrup-soaked, masterfully melodic soundscape they’ve had a hand in pioneering.

A lot people have strong opinions about who got who. Some people enjoyed the project for the collective greatness on display — others didn’t so much. No matter the opinion, it’s got people talking. Here’s what some of them had to say: