The Reactions To Ja Rule’s Canceled Luxury Music Festival Are Insane

Schadenfreude is Twitter’s secret sauce. So, when word got around that the luxury music festival Fyre Fest — a Ja-Rule-hosted festival in the Bahamas with tickets that started at $4,000 a pop — had descended into absolute chaos, the internet couldn’t wait to feast on the misfortune of people with actual fortunes.

First, a little primer on what the molly-loving Masters of the Universe found when they landed at the fest, which was billed as a private island paradise. The so-called luxury cabanas were clearly disaster relief tents, much of the fest infrastructure had not been built and there were no organizers to explain where everyone should go.

Attendees luggage was unloaded in the middle of the night from the back of a shipping container:

And this was the first night’s dinner:

Now, that we’re all clear on the fact that this was basically Bahamian Hunger Games for dudes named Thadd, we can get to the jokes.

The absurdity of the event is enough on its own:

But it also helps to get #topical:

Maybe we should all be thanking Mr. Bank:

…Or Mr. Reynolds?

Here’s how you handle a PR crisis:

Stay woke, kids. If only because you have no place to sleep:

People were asking “Where’s Ja Rule?” even harder than we have been for years:

Spectators could not contain their glee:

And some were forced to reevaluate their whole lives:

So, thanks were in order to the universe for providing: